Harman Sharda

Lets get to know each other.

       I always grew up knowing God was real, I was born and raised in a Sikh family where discussions of God happened regularly, but even at an early age God was someone who was far away in the distance who looked after us. In 2007, I came to an after-school program (YDC) that was run by TransitSM, this is where I learned the fine art of how to play video games, ping pong and the age old tradition of feasting. Through this after-school program, I was introduced to the youth ministry at BP Church. Soon after I was invited to a youth retreat that would change the course of my life forever. During this retreat, I radically came into contact with God’s presence and truly believed in this character Jesus they spoke of. That was November 17, 2007, the proceeding weeks and months, I would begin to count the cost of following Jesus. I knew the pressure instantly I would have from my family, and how the rest of my life would be a continuous battle justifying my faith. Now that I am a little older that struggle has not passed, but I know God has incredible plans for the people in my life. Looking forward I now recognize the impact that leaders had on my life, and have decided to follow in their footsteps, I help lead a group of the most, incredible, obnoxious, loyal and faithful youth that you will ever meet. Just as leaders chose to invest their time into my life strategically, I choose to do the same for others.